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New Urshiol Victim

Subject: New Urshiol Victim
Author: Clark
Date: 9/23/2007 8:50 pm
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I am in the midst of a pretty bad outbreak from the Urshoil. I am on week 4 now, but the first 2 weeks don't count. I'll explain:

I am working in Puerto Rico, and did not directly come in contact with the Pica Pica plant here that contains the urshiol.

There is a crew that cuts and clears trees, brush, etc. I don't work with them. However, I "was" taking the truck they used to get to and from the work-site home at nite with me. These guys get it all over their clothes, then get in the truck, and spread it all over in there.

I went to the Doc the first time, and he hit me with a benadryl shot, and something else too. I also recieved a prescription of 10 mg Zyrtec once daily for a week.

The rash regressed, and I thought I was over it. But, at this time I was still driving the contaminated truck, being unaware of urshiol and how it works.

2 weeks go by, and the rash is back and way worse. So I go to the Doc again. Same routine with the shots, but prescribes 5mg of predisone in a step down treatment, and 50mg of benadryl every 6 hours (i'm still on that).

I then realized where I was getting the rash, because it started on the part of my arms that would have contact with the armrests, and my back. I have since switched trucks. I also cleaned the armrests of the truck I now drive home, as well I put a seatcover on it just for safe measure.

I was not aware of the long term battle I was up against until I found this site. I thought there was a cure........NOT!!!

I have never had a reaction before, and I guess I reached my bodies threshold after imersing myself unknowingly it the urshiol cocktail that I was riding in.

I am currently using a poison ivy soap, some ivy dry, and using some of the ideas posted on here also.

The ony question I have is that of the "pica pica plant". What is it? I can't find any info on it at all.

New Urshiol Victim (Approved)Clark9/23/2007 8:50 pm
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