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Poison Ivy on Clothes

Subject: Poison Ivy on Clothes
Author: Cody Harris
Date: 8/24/2007 11:00 pm
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From Kansas, My job has me work in wooded areas. I layer up and keep my self pretty well protected, Have not got Poison Ivy in quite a while. I was cleaning the house up and ran across some Jeans that I use to wear for work, Lost some weight and do not wear them any more. I last used them a work and they have not been washed for over a year. I just Handled them not thinking about it. I just jumped in the shower for a quick wash.

My Question is, how long does Poison ivy last on clothing if it does come in contact with it and is not washed?

Thank you

Poison Ivy on Clothes (Approved)Cody Harris8/24/2007 11:00 pm