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OTC product that worked wonders for me!

Subject: OTC product that worked wonders for me!
Author: Jeff
Date: 8/14/2007 10:50 am
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Well I have just spent 2 weeks trying every possible solution and over the counter product trying to clear up a severe poison ivy rash on my fore arms and a large section of my back and happened to stuble on a wonderful product that helped be get my life back within 3 days.
The reaction was from a slight brush against a well established poison ivy plant attached on my wooden fence. I didn't even realize it was there. It wasn't until the next day the rash/itching started that I retraced my steps to find the source. The rash initially was minor but by the 3rd day it had turned into the leather/chemical burn look and itched intensely 24 hours a day. I spent days and many sleepless nights trying to get it under control and it only seemed to get worse.
After 10 days I decided to call my allergist, only to find out she did not have summer office hours on Fridays so I it was going be another agonizing weekend with no relief.
I stopped by the CVS pharmacy to purchase another round of products that needed to be reapplied every 15 minutes (for me) to get itch relief. After already spending a small fortune on ineffective products, I noticed a "scrub" that made some statements of "effective relief" and was skeptical. I figured at this point I had tried everything else so what the hell. The product is the CVS brand "Poisen Ivy Itch Relief scrub".
The first day I used it, the itching was relieved (for me) 8-10 hours. I also noticed that it started drying the rash and the layers of blisters up almost immediately. I used it 2 times a day, scrubbing the affected areas in the shower and covered the rash with gauze bandages. I didn't even have to put any other product on the rash to help control the itching in between the shower scrubs. Today is the 4 day and the rash is completely dried out, the oozing and itching is gone.
I usually do not post on these kinds of boards but after being sooooo miserable for 2 weeks trying to get rid of the rash, I'm hoping my experience can help someone else out. I know it sounds like the product is too good to be true, all I know is it gave me back my SANITY and it will always be on hand at my house. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me!

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