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When will this go away?

Subject: When will this go away?
Author: Jessica
Date: 8/6/2007 4:48 pm
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So I was out in the woods camping two weeks ago.
I've had hives a month before but they went away.
A few days after camping I had these itchy bumps.
I thought they were hives again, but they were
different so I started to do research, and it's
posion Ivy. This is my first time having it and it's
driving me crazy. I've tried Tecnu cleanser, the anti-itch
poison ivy gel, & alcohol. It's been almost two weeks since
i've first notice them, Some seem to be drying out, but I see
new ones in places I didn't have before.
Please respond if you can help.

When will this go away? (Approved)Jessica8/6/2007 4:48 pm
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