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do i have poison ivy?

Subject: do i have poison ivy?
Author: katie morris
Date: 8/6/2007 1:24 pm
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so i went down to pennsylvania for the week and on the 1st day we walked down to the river by going through many trees and vines. by the last day my leg started to itch and i noticed what looked like about 20 semi-big mosquitoe bites. my dad said it was poison ivy and to put cortisone on it. i did that and about 20 minutes later, the bites had disappeared. then i woke up this morning and noticed the same "bug bites" on my other leg. i put cortisone on it and once again, it disappeared. do i have poison ivy or not?? if not, what the heck is it??

do i have poison ivy? (Approved)katie morris8/6/2007 1:24 pm