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Re: Here is Relief!!!

Subject: Re: Here is Relief!!!
Author: Hmm
Date: 8/1/2007 7:58 pm
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Thanks for sharing your experience and remedies. I'm sure they will help some people.

However, I'm fairly sure that once you clean the oils off your skin (either with alcohol or strong soap or both), the rash is FREE of oils. What remains may be an icky, oozing rash, but it is dermatitis and what oozes is your own fluids. This is why you can't spread PI or PO to someone else once you have cleaned off the oils. Urushiol is what causes the allergic reaction, not the reaction yourself. This is just a basic understanding of allergies. That said, I'm guess that the way you and your husband gave each other PI or PO was from the oils still being on your skin. You simply cannot spread the rash from contact if your skin has been cleared of the oils. That's not how contact dermatitis works.

But hey, if your remedy really really works, then who am I to quibble?!

Here is Relief!!! (Approved)Ericka7/18/2007 7:50 am
  Re: Here is Relief!!! (Approved)Hmm8/1/2007 7:58 pm