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Black poison ivy scabs on child

Subject: Black poison ivy scabs on child
Author: Shara
Date: 7/13/2007 4:21 pm
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Has anyone seen a case of poison ivy that initially looks like scabs on the skin? My 2 yr. old was tearing down the vines on a tree here in Virginia and didn't have any itching until the scabs started to come off--that's after 8 days from initial contact. We did apply ALCOHOL after washing. I read that infants and the elderly sometimes don't have as strong of a reaction but the neighbor boy's scabs did turn into a full-blown rash with swelling in the eyes.
By the way, my husband has always been very allergic to PI and this time his eyes swelled and everything else just from washing off my son. We tried BENADRYL & TEA TREE OIL which didn't work very well, it just dried out the skin. Then we applied ALOE VERA straight from the plant because his rashes were so bad, but it dries and becomes itchy. Then he got steroids but still itched although the swelling has left the eyes, arms and genitals.
Now, after 9 days he's applying ZANFEL which is working somewhat but he's still itching and he's taking lots of AVEENO Baths, using AVEENO coloidol lotion by the layers.

Black poison ivy scabs on chil (Approved)Shara7/13/2007 4:21 pm
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