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Unique Sitation

Subject: Unique Sitation
Author: Justin
Date: 6/29/2007 0:26 am
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Status: Approved
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Ok...I know what poison ivy looks like. While I was picking a stalk of butter and eggs, my index finger brushed the edge of a single leaf. I don't know much about allergens, but it is possible I'm not sensitized yet. I rode my bike home (40 minutes) and washed the area, using only that hand, with soap and water, and put masking tape around it. Is it possible to spread it at this point (4 hours in, or so) with such little contact? I have no experience with the plant, only plants in general, and I've seen some pretty bad things. I'm a bit paranoid, eh. Please tell me if it can spread, and if there is anything else I can do to prevent it. Thank you.

Unique Sitation (Approved)Justin6/29/2007 0:26 am