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Re: under the skin & spreading

Subject: Re: under the skin & spreading
Date: 6/4/2007 1:58 pm
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My 9 yr. old son is having the same problem. The only difference is, that his seemed to have STARTED 'under the skin'.
Four days ago, someone 'bush-hogged' the field right beside our yard. They were baling hay. Myself, my husband, and two sons walked through it that evening.
By the next day, my 9 yr. old came home from school looking like he was having an allergic reaction to something. His face was swollen and pinkish colored. By that evening, it was like a 'rash'...not poison all over face. Some spots on his skin was just like a pink 'welt'. Since then, he has it everywhere..and it IS blistering up and itching..and looks like some type of poison. Now, we all have it, just not as bad as my nine yr. old.
I'm just wondering if it could've been in the air or something? And maybe the rest of us have gotten it from him.
We've had poison before,and his didn't start out like this. It just wasn't the usual poison looking bumps, etc.
It looked like an allergic reaction..starting on his face.
I just wanted to know if anyone knows if it's possible to contract poison via 'air' (after field being bush-hogged)?

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