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How long on clothes?

Subject: How long on clothes?
Author: Carrie
Date: 5/14/2007 7:32 am
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My husband and I were in heavy poison ivy this weekend while installing a new fence. I left all our clothes and gloves in a pile, but now I have to wash them. How long does the oil last on clothes (jeans, cotton long-sleeve Ts.) I'm wondering about transfer long after the initial exposure. At some point, doesn't it soak in and disappear? And can I wash them in regular Tide? Any advice?

How long on clothes? (Approved)Carrie5/14/2007 7:32 am
  Re: How long on clothes? (Approved)DCDRE145/14/2007 3:03 pm
  Re: How long on clothes? (Approved)Betsy D.5/14/2007 4:51 pm