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Didn't think I could get poison ivy or oak, but...

Subject: Didn't think I could get poison ivy or oak, but...
Author: kat
Date: 4/9/2007 4:32 pm
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I seem to have itchy blisters on the front of my lower legs. I have been practically rolling in the stuff since I was a kid and NEVER had a reaction before.

Last year, I had a lot of exposure to poison ivy and oak while on a whitewater paddling trip in Idaho and Colorado. I also cleared an overgrown lot full of it, and tore down a HUGE poison ivy vine that was connected to a dozen large trees. I washed with cold water and soap when I was done, and never had a problem.

Last week, however, I weedeated my lot wearing shorts. We had about 2 weeks of really warm weather early, and the vegetation was getting thick fast. I noticed some 3 leaf plants, but I just figured I was immune and I left the splattered plant particles on my legs for several hours. I washed with cold water, no soap. Big mistake. I had also recently used nair on my legs, which gets rid of dead skin cells and makes the skin more sensitive. The next day I had a few blisters that itched and I ignored it. They started to go away. A few days later, I shaved my legs and after that I had a LOT more of the blisters.

I am currently treating it with Tecnu and Calagel with good results. Has anyone else had a sudden reaction after many years of NO problems?

Why did I never get it until now? There was a ton of pollen, and my nasal allergies were in full swing.

I am not very sensitive to insect bites/stings either. Are some people just really resistant to these types of things? Did I just get too careless and expose myself too severely?

I find it interesting that I have never had a reaction until now. My dad has never gotten it either.

Didn't think I could get poiso (Approved)kat4/9/2007 4:32 pm