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Only 1 Spot

Subject: Only 1 Spot
Author: Guin987
Date: 4/9/2007 10:47 am
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Hi. I am extremely allergic to poison ivy. But for some odd reason, I get it mostly on the right side of my FACE. Yes, it is a very painful and a self concious situation, inspecially when your right eye is almost shut. Once I know I have poison ivy, I have to go straight to the doctor or to the ER. I have looked at your remedies, but they are mostly for cases not involving the face. I was wondering if you know why I mostly get it on the right side of my face, and when I do, it is so severe I have to go to the doctor immediatly.

Only 1 Spot (Approved)Guin9874/9/2007 10:47 am