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do horses get whats called oak bumps?

Subject: do horses get whats called oak bumps?
Author: Amber Higginbotham
Date: 11/16/2006 11:22 pm
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I have put my two horses out to pasture at a friends house and they have these crusty yellow bumps all over them and when I pick them off it's a small round oozy lookin sore I was told it was "oak bumps" caused from the acid in the trees but my gelding has them all over his sheath so someone else told me it was "oak mites" can you help with what this might be? also there is a grey bug with black strips on it's butt and it sucks the horses blood I have only found it in and around there ears but if I could find out what the bug is maybe it's biting them else were sorry for the novel
thanx Amber

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