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Re: tecnu review

Subject: Re: tecnu review
Author: alan
Date: 10/4/2006 0:59 am
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I am a surveyor who gets PI at least 10 times per year!
All summer long for 8 years . My best remedy , and i will swear by it is as follows
1 Use Zanfel to scrub the affected area well 1-2 min(CVS Drug stores has a generic version of zanfel for about 1/2 the price for a tube twice as big)follow directions on box, use liberaly
2 for the itch and to dry the oozing My favorate product is Ivyrest
its like super calamine i keep it in my truck and at home i keep a thick layor on the rash to absorb the ooze

tecnu review (Approved)rich10/1/2006 4:55 pm
  Re: tecnu review (Approved)alan10/4/2006 0:59 am