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Re: NO itching...but looks like Poison Ivy

Subject: Re: NO itching...but looks like Poison Ivy
Author: Jay F
Date: 10/2/2006 5:33 pm
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I have the same thing along with three others who did a trail run through a park about a week ago. I've been appling the calamide (sp?) lotion at night, and some of the blisters are resolving. I also tried the poison ivy soap the day after the run when i noticed the rash. It's weird, but no itching for me either -- even before i started with the treatment there was no itching.

NO itching...but looks like Po (Approved)Becky Ownby8/19/2006 8:45 am
  Re: NO itching...but looks lik (Approved)Jay F10/2/2006 5:33 pm