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scar tissue/remission

Subject: scar tissue/remission
Author: Sassmo
Date: 9/20/2006 7:58 am
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I'm from Hawaii and while visiting the mainland I think I picked up poison oak, but I'm not sure. After about 2 weeks of having the rash (I managed not to scratch it hardly at all) I finally figured out what it was and got some of that pink lotion stuff. It seemed to help a lot and it went away mostly, but I still have these bumps where the rash used to be that are still itchy occassionally. I've not applied the lotion for at least 2 weeks and there's pretty much no itchiness, except the slight skin irritation you might get from a healing tattoo.
Is this something I should be worried about or is it just part of the healing process? If you had it bad, does the scar stay for a long time? Can poison oak go into remission under the skin?

scar tissue/remission (Approved)Sassmo9/20/2006 7:58 am
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