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is it PI?

Subject: is it PI?
Author: pwilley
Date: 9/17/2006 11:42 am
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Looks like poison ivy, certainly feels like poison ivy, but in very isolated small patches - left side of neck, inside of left elbow, upper leg. The breakouts are spaced: first it was my neck 6 days ago, then my arm a few days later, and I just noticed my leg last night.
From what I know of PI, it doesn't spread by scratching one place and then an unaffected area... AND, while my neck or elbow might have been exposed to vegetation in the past couple weeks, my upper leg sure hasn't.
I have been treating with Caladryl and that helps the itching a little, but if it is something else I'd like to treat it as something else.
Thanks for any help,

is it PI? (Approved)pwilley9/17/2006 11:42 am
  Re: is it PI? (Approved)krazykaren11/18/2006 9:48 pm