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Poison Ivy Everywhere!

Subject: Poison Ivy Everywhere!
Author: Jason
Date: 9/15/2006 4:15 am
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Just wanted to poat and say I got some use and comfort from this site. I was clearing leaves from a house to prep it for painting and some landscaping, having no idea that I had already gotten PI on me as it was all intertwined with the regualar weedy foliage. I have never had it before and always thought of it as a minor, even laughable nuisance. Two days later and I was swollen and itchy. I developed a rash everywhere. While weeding I had rubbed my face, scratched my legs, used the restroom, you name it. One of my eyes was swollen shut.

I looked online and found the Zaphim(?) product, but it was $50/oz at the pharmacy. I tried another product with the same ingredient called IvyStat for $20/oz. $50 was too much to risk on something that may not work for me I decided. It helped very little, but did stop the itching on my face. It supposedly draws out the oil, and I guess it did, but I was sitting in the bathtub for a bit and then I got it where my rear hit the bottom of the tub very badly! I went to the doctor after two sleepless nights in absolute agony and got Pregnisone, which is slowly clearing it up.

This has been an unbelievable experience. It has made me very miserable, irratible, even depressed feeling, and I have a stout constitution. I feel for anyone who has it. It will be almost 7 days for me today. Still can't sleep very well. I expect it to stick around for another week.

Poison Ivy Everywhere! (Approved)Jason9/15/2006 4:15 am