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Reinfection after 6 months???

Subject: Reinfection after 6 months???
Author: Dave E
Date: 9/13/2006 8:06 pm
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Does anyone know if it is possible to have this rash show up 6 months after the initial exposier to poison ivy.
I got a rash from poison ivy in the spring and the doctor told me it was poison ivy. I got rid of it in about 3 weeks.

Now I have developed some very similar itchy blisters on my legs. I have developed a cold at the same time which means my systems is weak so and when this happens I develope other things like cankers and cold sores.
I have not been near any forested area at all so I did not come in contact with Poison Ivy again.

Reinfection after 6 months??? (Approved)Dave E9/13/2006 8:06 pm
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