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Re: Thunderwood

Subject: Re: Thunderwood
Author: Patty Richards
Date: 9/1/2006 8:09 pm
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I just had to post this, but i have had poison ivy and gotten into poison sumac and i've had both of them 5 times in just this year alone...what i wanted to tell people is there is something so simple out there to use to get rid of it...It's a banana peel you take the banana peel, use the underside of it that was next to the banana and rub it on the affected areas, leave this on for several hours or overnight and wash it off the next day..you'll probably have to do this for several days ...but by god it works and it's so much cheaper than going to the doctor or buying those expensive products on the market or on the net..
The banana peel takes the itching away and makes the pimple or blisters dry up ...i never in my life thought a banana peel had a use other than the trash can when i took it off of a banana...but whenever i'm out in my yard and i come in contact with any of the poison plants...I'm headed to my nearest grocery store...I does work ...
Patty Richards
[email protected]

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