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Re: relieve itching

Subject: Re: relieve itching
Author: Visitor
Date: 8/27/2006 2:35 pm
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i dunno how to work this thing so i hope im doing it correctly. but at this very second i have poison oak. i normally brake out terribly, with it on every cm of my body. but i guess this time i only got it on my face, a little on my collar bone, and a tiny bit on my shoulders. this is what i did:
i got the poison oak from my dogs, (they were in a kennel) then i remembered that there was poison oak in the kennel, so i imideatly washed my hands, arms, and legs. but, i forgot the face, shoulders, and collar bone (and my whole body but i was wearing clothes of course...) and then about twney minutes later i took a shower. the next day i realized i had gotten the dreaded poison oak. but, if u saw me, u wouldn't think i had it, because, i know this might sound insane, but i didn't itch it!!!! and so even though it was a small dose, it itches a lot, but i have not itched, i haven't even touched my body (like arms or anything) JUST IN CASE i MIGHT have it on my hands, so i also wash my hands every ten mins or so. and since i haven't scratched it, it hasn't gotten worse, so it's not TERRIBLY itchy, but still very itchy. this is a relief for me, because i normally grow 3 times bigger and it's all over, my eyes get all small and slanted so i look chinese, and in the morning i can't see! it's terrible. another thing that is making my poison oak worse is that, since it's on my face, when i sleep, i go to sleep on my back, which is very hard for me, and of course i roll. but at least i don't completely totally cover my bed with it, plus i change my pillow case every night, and i put a sheet over my normal sheet just so it doesn't get on my bed. IT'S MAGIC!!!! i didn't put ANYTHING on it!!!!!! not a thing!!!

relieve itching (Approved)Michelle8/17/2006 10:43 am
  Re: relieve itching (Approved)Visitor8/27/2006 2:35 pm