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Spread from body,,..to body!!!!!

Subject: Spread from body,,..to body!!!!!
Author: Layn
Date: 8/21/2006 11:09 am
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I have read through the "Facts".,,,,, I have read the viewers claims.,,,,,, I want to make something very clear to all Poison Ivy victims in the World.

Story: I was mowing the grass via,. without a shirt on. (No I am not some white trash punk. It was 97 degrees outside.) I then proceeded to "Whack" the weeds around my home, and yes of course the shirt was still not on the body. OK, by now I must have the oil all over my torso, arms, and legs from cutiing the plant down.
I then rushed to the shower immediately after finishing the work, which took me 3 and a half hours to complete (I live on three acres.)
The following day I started to itch at the waist, and above the knee. The rash started later that night, and covered my entire growing area. (Ouch)
Days later I went through all the home remedies, along with the high $$$ items to attempt to clear the rash. I found no true solution, but did notice that going into a swimming pool was helping more than the other methods. (TIP)
Well anyway, while I thought that the rash was on it's way out of my body me and my wife got physical after 6 LONG days. And well and behold she had a rash start on her left inner thigh one day later. Her and I both know the only way she got it was from our physical contact the night before. We both kinda laughed about it until four days later when the rash had completely taken over both of her thighs, her belly, and her entire private region. She then was in so mush discomfort from the itch along with a burn from the infected skin she went to the ER on the fifth day to receive a shot along with a steroid pill pack. This seamed to do the job for her, and I was happy to see her rash clear up in the matter of days.

Not one week later I was cutting down a tree that had been struck by lightning in my yard, and lost the nut that held the chain in position on my chainsaw. I searched the brush using my arms to sweep through the weeds to see if I could locate the nut. In doing so I noticed that I was brushing my arm against the devils plant directly. I then said goodbye to the missing chainsaw nut, and ran to the house to wash off in the shower. "I just got rid of this last week, not again" I screamed. (Just a note; I was wearing a shirt this time.) Anyway, I showered using Ivy wash, along with other soaps; using a wash cloth like I was trying to remove the top layer of my skin from my body, and this was all within two minutes from being exposed to the plant. I knew that if it was true that you could wash the oils from the body to avoid the rash, then I have beat the Ivy this time.
Two days later,,,,,,,rash started on my left arm. Well so much for the good attempt. A day after my left arm rash broke out my wife had a patch on the right side of her back. Now readers do you believe that this was some how an accident. I think not. How could my wife acquire the rash without being in directed contact with the plant. I'll tell you how, it was spread to her from my body. Both out breaks aligned perfectly to the physical touch from the location of my rash to the ones she received.
Now two very important facts here.
One: I never touched her while the oil was on my body. I always rushed to the shower to wash it off, only to end up with the rash anyway.
Two: The position of her rashes was in perfect alignment to where I touched her with my rash.

I also need to get one thing straight. My wife was never been outside during the lawn care maintenance. My wife is only outside to walk from one shopping center to the other, or to layout next to a pool etc. She has never, and will never mow or cut gras in her lifetime. How she got the rash was simply from another rash from another body,...mine.


Spread from body,,..to body!!! (Approved)Layn8/21/2006 11:09 am
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