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Re: How long will discoloration last?

Subject: Re: How long will discoloration last?
Author: Terrie
Date: 8/1/2006 5:06 pm
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Last summer I contracted a spot of poison sumac near my knee. To avoid the side effects, I didn't take steroids as I'd done with a much worse case 2 years earlier, and the sumac patch finally subsided. However, now, a year later, a faint pink outline of where the sumac patch was is still there, seemingly under the skin.

Now, just three days ago, I developed a very severe allergic reaction to sumac again. This involves thick, burn-like wheals on my face, neck, and shoulders. Thanks to a combination (starting with day 3) of Zanfel, a cortizone shot, and oral prednisone, it's all under control and on the way to healing now, 5 days later. But because of the scar-like outline on my thigh, I'm concerned about the possibility of scarring, especially on my face and neck.

Does anyone out there know what to use to prevent or minimize scarring? Lotion feels good, but at least one posting counsels against it. I have some Vitamin E on hand and some cut aloe, both of which would feel good. But should I use them for either relief to my damaged skin or to prevent scarring?

One more question. In my over-the-weekend-without-doctors panic, before I turned to Zanfel, I resorted to the hair dryer remedy, even on my face. The immediate results felt wonderful: this stopped the itching dead in its tracks for at least 5 hours. But now I'm wondering if the hot dry air may have added to the risk of scarring.

Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

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