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Can poison ivy change to PUPP?

Subject: Can poison ivy change to PUPP?
Author: Bronagh
Date: 8/1/2006 3:03 pm
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I am nine months pregnant and have been diagnosed with poison ivy. It is truly awful! The exposure was ten days ago and everyday I am finding new rash sites. I have heard of a rash that a few unfortunate pregnant ladies get that looks similar to poison ivy, that will not clear up until delivery... short form is PUPP.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a case like mine where one thing can turn into the other? I am just getting a little depressed because every morning I get up and there is MORE! The doctor yesterday expressed surprise that I am still getting more too. I really think I have washed everything there is to wash, so I can't imagine I'm still contacting the sap somewhere around here...

Please HELP! I know I'm still going to be itchy but I would love to think there is some hope that I am going to get better, whether it's before or after (my baby's due in 19 days).

Can poison ivy change to PUPP? (Approved)Bronagh8/1/2006 3:03 pm
  Re: Can poison ivy change to P (Approved)Prego Mommy9/4/2006 10:10 pm