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Re: Inhaled, PI, sickness?

Subject: Re: Inhaled, PI, sickness?
Author: kacey
Date: 7/10/2006 12:35 pm
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the first year we had our minnesota property, overgrown with oak / ivy / sumac, we naively chopped, cut, dug, whacked and pulled the plants and then had a grandpappy of all bonfires ... little did we know that reactions from inhaled fumes seem to be the worst form of the poison ... i thought i was immune, until 20 days later; doctor confirmed the inhaled diagnoses. do not recall flu-like symptoms, but was one sick puppy. hubby had it so bad on his legs that necessitated a trip to a surgeon to biopsy the lesions (extenuating circumstances made him very susseptible to bone infections). after getting prescription ointments, very pricey, taking antihistamine, using calamine and rhulicort, still find 2 things best: wash, wash, wash w/ fels naptha bar soap (we keep it in our showers all summer long, even use as shampoo) and doing the hot-as-you-can-stand showers on the itchy patches. saw today about using the hair dryer for similar relief and will try that next time. right now have patch on my cheekbone and neck (from pulling the t-shirt up to wipe my sweaty face) ... how attractive for work. also, suspected i had it on my lips, only to learn that my favorite, mango, is maybe the culprit. good luck. i have felt so stupid over these last 15 years, coming down with the rash every time i visit the property, you'd think i'd learn what to watch for, but as the website shows, there isn't just ONE thing to watch out for !

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