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Re: Thunderwood

Subject: Re: Thunderwood
Author: Katie R.
Date: 7/6/2006 12:54 pm
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I think you are right Betsy...recently, and this is crazy but true, our son share his first kiss with a girl in our new neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, in our new neighborhood, there is a creek with trees full of the vine you two are referring to. Unknowingly, and unfortunately, he leaned against a tree sporting a massive vine of poison sumac. Within a day, his entire back was covered in the blisters of that poison. He spent the next 3 days in our local children's hospital, where his attending doctor called the vine, "thunderwood." When we asked him about the term, he laughed and said it was a down south term for sumac and he had an uncle who had done the exact thing as our son had done. Our son recovered, but none of us will ever forget his first kiss.

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