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Re: Doc says Poison Ivy - Im not sure

Subject: Re: Doc says Poison Ivy - Im not sure
Author: marsha
Date: 6/26/2006 11:52 pm
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Just wanted to add that my son is experiencing the same reactions. He was playing in an Allstar baseball game and had to chase after a homerun ball that went into the trees and low bushes. He came home with some irritation on his lower legs and a small spot on his cheek. It has now included mild spots on his arms, chest and hands. Nothing large mostly small areas no larger than a 1/4 inch or so. But irritating. I have been treating him repeatedly with Caladryll Clear. The spot on his cheek disappeared as did his hands. Not so his legs and chest....yet. They don't seem to be worsening but not quick to disappear either. I don't remember poison ivy like this when I was a kid....30 plus years ago! Good luck, just wanted you to know you're not alone. Have heard that Technu works well. That's our next step. M.

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