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Re: Treatment and immunity

Subject: Re: Treatment and immunity
Author: Debbie
Date: 6/19/2006 1:18 am
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Kevin, so you mean directly in your eyeball, or are you referring to the skin around your eyes? Here are some safe ideas for the skin around your eyes:
-To relieve swelling and soothe, use cold compresses (you can use a washcloth) with just cold water. Used teabags that have been drained but are damp (and cold if you like) help soothe the area. Regular teas work best (black & green teas). Another remedy is to chop up a cucumber in a blender and put in cheescloth or thin piece of gauze and put over eye sockets. This works better releasing the juices than using cucumber slices over the eyes.

-For itching you have to be careful around the eye. Do not use any of the metholated creams that work great for P.I. because it could make your eyes burn. Use Caladryl, calamine, or Oatmeal type creams, and apply carefully with a Q-Tip as not to get in the eyeball. Just rubbing an ice cube inside a wet washcloth over the areas works great for itch relief.

If it is too severe, you need to see a doctor. Good luck!

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