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Adhesive Bandages

Subject: Adhesive Bandages
Author: David H
Date: 6/17/2006 10:57 am
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Hello and, thanks for the site!

I have read a lot of the posts and coudn't find any real answer to the idea of putting a conventional type of adhesive bandage over a blister, (Before it pops).

I have noted that many of the other sufferers are as surprised as I was to find a group of blisters parading up both my forearms about 8 days after contact with the plants. I was so surprised that, I assumed I had burned my arms with hot oil or something. I work as an auto mechanic and frequently end up with cuts, scrapes and blisters from unknown injuries.

Back to the bandages. I had placed a large fabric adhesive bandage on one of the larger blisters early on and noted that I now have an imprint of that bandage on my arm. In the spot where the pad was, there is a nice square area of blisters. in the spots where the bandage was stuck to my skin, it is red but, absolutely no blisters. I have pictures if anyone is interested. I am not the best at posting them on webpages so, you would probably need an email to get them.

As far as I've read, most of the poison oil is probably washed away long before the symptoms show up, (As in my first case of a lifetime of 45 years). how did the bandage affect the spread of the blisters 8 days later?

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