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Re: Noxzema

Subject: Re: Noxzema
Author: Debbie
Date: 6/13/2006 7:37 pm
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Soaking in tepid bath water with a cup or more of Baking Soda helps the rash calm down. If the water is too warm it will intensify itching. DO NOT BATHE, but shower instead, if you just had a poison ivy outbreak, you may still have some urushiol oil on the skin and a bath can make it spread to other areas of the body. As to NOXZEMA--Any store brand version of Noxzema (like CVS brand for example) is probably just as good and less costly...I have tried them. As long as they have the same ratio of active ingredients that give the cool sensation, which are camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oils. Noxzema comes in different formulations than years ago, it was put on the market in 1914 as a Sunburn remedy. Of course it has many more uses. I would stick to the Original Formula for poison ivy, and keep a jar on hand in your house for other uses also as it is a great product for the skin. For hives and poison ivy bumps--I put a thick layer on all hives or rash areas, let dry for a while until redness & itching stops, and then rinse in COLD water, let air dry or gently pat dry. Keeping the Noxzema cold in the fridge feels even better on P.I. and cold things like damp cold cloths are best at keep itching at bay and promote healing. legallylipgloss4@yahoo.com

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