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Doc says Poison Ivy - Im not sure

Subject: Doc says Poison Ivy - Im not sure
Author: Tony
Date: 6/9/2006 3:04 am
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I've been researching this for awhile and I found your site.
Quick recap: Never had poison ivy before, am pretty allergic to insect bites.

Worked in the yard on May 20th for 1 hour, thats it. Wore a tshirt and long pants, and took a shower after.

May 25th started noticing an itchy spot on my left bicep and behind my right ear, and a few spots (thought it was clogged pores) along my waist band. and some on the chest.

Last week (May 29th through June 4) I started getting more and more.
Now its mostly on my torso, some on my forearms, and some on my knees.

I have been scratching, I know thats bad, but it feels good...so some of the red lines are the results of my nails, and some of the spots have broken open because of the scratching.

Went to a dermatologist on Monday (June 5th) and he said it was poison ivy.
He did say I had a pretty severe reaction to it, so I got a cortisone shot and a prescription for some ointment.
I think he based his diagnosis on two facts:
1. I had a few (like 2 or 3) bumps with a clear waterbubble head. But I have many, many more without it.
2. He also mentioned the streaking. But I think the streaking is more of a result of my scratching.

I told him that when I wake up in the morning, there are usually more bumps.
He says that can happen.

but the timing of it just seems strange. (started a week after, I know first time exposure can act like that)

I know there is a thread called "Still Spreading" so I guess more bumps can appear days later....BUT a few more every time I wake up? Seems weird.
Oh, in anticipation of your question I am out of town for work during the week, so it is not being spread by my blankets =)

To be honest, I dont care about the itching that much, I just want to know what it is.

Anyway, I am just wondering, does it look like poison ivy to you? (the left arm is infected because of the scratching and the black mark under my left nipple is where the doc took a sample)

sunday night:
Monday night:


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