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prednisone long term effects

Subject: prednisone long term effects
Author: joe s.
Date: 6/7/2006 9:40 pm
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I was given a prescription of Prednisone on the 1st of April. The poison ivy eventually went away.

I just got a BAD case of poison ivy yeasterday (June 6, two months later) and want to know if it is OK to have another prescription of Prednisone this soon after the last prescription.

I have tried all the over-the-counter stuff......all that works for me is Prednisone....help!!!! I am going CRAZY!!!!!!

prednisone long term effects (Approved)joe s.6/7/2006 9:40 pm
  Re: prednisone long term effec (Approved)imgja6/8/2006 0:37 am
    Re: prednisone long term effec (Approved)joe s.6/8/2006 8:08 am