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1st time exposure... Hubby exposed, now I'm breaking out!

Subject: 1st time exposure... Hubby exposed, now I'm breaking out!
Author: Cheryl
Date: 5/28/2006 11:25 pm
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My husband was a dear and dug me out a garden for Mother's Day (the 14th) and a couple days later had poison ivy rash on his forehead, arms and hands. He went to the dr and got a shot and gave in two days later and started the prednisone. He started looking much better, now I'm itching and going crazy!

I was in the garden after he tilled it out, but didn't really mess with much other than the topsoil as I planted the seeds and new plants. I started itching on the back of my right thigh and now have this ugly place there, one on my right shin and various "spots" (very small, almost the size of pimples). They're popping up almost daily. This morning, I woke up to three spots in the crook of my right elbow and several spots on my left side (almost towards the back). I've got a spot on my left shin, one or two on my inner right thigh and one in a spot I don't care to mention, LOL!

What do I do?!? The doc said to hubby that his case of PI wasn't contagious, but now I wonder! I may have gotten some on my shoe and you know how we ladies like to sit with one leg tucked under the other... probably how I got it so badly on my leg in the first place. But HELP!! What do I do about the little spots that are continually popping up? I've washed our sheets and changed our sheets, and washed our clothes... Where are these little onesie-twosie spots coming from??? I can't take prednisone... I'm almost afraid to go to bed for fear of waking up with more spots!!

Thanks for any help! (I'd like to post photos of the rash and plants that are the culprits....)

1st time exposure... Hubby ex (Approved)Cheryl5/28/2006 11:25 pm