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I'd like your input. Taking a poll on homeopathic remedies! :-)

Subject: I'd like your input. Taking a poll on homeopathic remedies! :-)
Author: Jeri
Date: 5/21/2006 4:34 pm
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Hi there,

Mine is a somewhat unfortuante story. I got reinfected with poison oak in April. I decided to get Hyland's, then was impatient with the amount of time it took for it to dissolve underneath the tongue, then got Natra Bio's remedy, but then I felt a weird internal itching (maybe from the sulfur?) outside my rib cage near my heart. Then I switched to Oral Ivy. Well, the whole time my tummy area (and genital area) itched. So, basically the Rhus Tox oil is in one's mouth. My question is, so when you sneeze or cough, do your hands feel prickly or itchy when you use your hands to cover your mouth? I went on a trip to Hawaii and went boogey-boarding. A wave of sea-water flowed into my mouth and ran down my mouth onto my chest area and there it stayed until I got out of the water and washed it off a few hours later. Well, the next day I broke out in an itchy rash right there. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, if there's anything that comes in contact with my saliva, then it feels itchy.

I'd like your input. Taking a (Approved)Jeri5/21/2006 4:34 pm