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Re: eating poison ivy

Subject: Re: eating poison ivy
Author: Don H
Date: 5/18/2006 1:56 am
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You will have a reaction. Places where the skin in thin, like bottom of you arms, groin, stomach, underarms. I live in korea and yesterday I ate "Otdak" (Lacquer Chicken) for the first and last time. Its stewed chicken, and it wasnt very tasty, but good. Anyway this morning I woke up covered in a "deep" red mega rash. It turns out "Otdak" is made with sap from the "Lacquer tree" which is a species of Toxicodendron... other species of these plants are named Poison-oak, Poison Sumac, Poison-ivy... couldn't believe it... So basically I ate something like "posion ivy chicken" yesterday. I hear it will take three days for the rash to pass. Glad it was nothing. But who in there right mind would use something like posion oak in a food dish!!? Word to the wise, don't eat poison anything. I will be drinking alot of Aloe today...

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