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Re: Old Poison oak

Subject: Re: Old Poison oak
Author: Michelle Cusick
Date: 5/7/2006 10:40 pm
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I have gotten poison oak each year for the past 2 summers. When I got it last year I know for sure I didn't touch some places where it cropped up. Like my groin and head (under my hair)and around my waist.....but these are the places I had it the year before. I'm pretty convinced that even though I broke out in new places...the old places just couldn't resist. I'm no doctor, but it was some sort of body retracing or someting!! It just seemed like my veins were pulsing with poison and my whole body was affected.

My rash last year was so bad i missed 2 days of work. First time in 18 years i had to call off of work!!

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