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Re: no subject

Subject: Re: no subject
Author: Sarah Ashley
Date: 5/2/2006 11:28 pm
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A full week after the I was exposed, I started seeing "bug bites" on my lower legs. Then every day I had more of them, on my arms, and upper legs - I begged my boyfriend to spray the house for bugs! It wasn't until another week later that it was clearly something more serious than "bug bites" (and insanely itchy!), and it was sixteen days after exposure before it started looking like poison ivy (weeping blisters, etc.) and the doctor told me that's what it was. It's my first time reacting to poison ivy, and I read somewhere that the first time you react, it can take longer to show up and get bad AND go away. Bummer. I still have it (3 weeks), and it itches like CRAZY, although I've found extremely hot water helps (not sure how *good* it is for your skin, though).

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