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Re: a poison ivy/soap question....

Subject: Re: a poison ivy/soap question....
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 5/1/2006 10:17 am
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I would imagine but .... urushiol is an oil and soap loves oil. See the info here:


Soap has 2 tails - one is oil loving and the other water loving. That's how soap works so well at cleaning. So if there were urushiol oil on soap the next person is likely to be using water anyway to wash off the soap and so the urushiol would go with the soap down the drain.

Make sense?

a poison ivy/soap question.... (Approved)Robert4/24/2006 8:52 pm
  Re: a poison ivy/soap question (Approved)Betsy D.5/1/2006 10:17 am