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cannot get rid of poison ivy

Subject: cannot get rid of poison ivy
Author: sigrid ebmeyer
Date: 3/9/2006 0:04 am
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hallo everybody!

i have a 17 year old daughter which has now poison ivy for two month. for a long time the doctors did not recognize that she has poison ivy, so we know basicly since two weeks what really is causing her pain. the doctor gave her two shots and steroids. it almost got away but after a week it came back. we are really desperate and don't know what to do, because we start to think it will never go away. my daughter has allready missed two and a half weeks of school and the nights are just horrible. please tell us if it is normal that poison ivy needs to be treated for so long and if you have any tips about creams or pills that help we would be really thank ful!
god bless you
sigrid ebmeyer

cannot get rid of poison ivy (Approved)sigrid ebmeyer3/9/2006 0:04 am
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