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Getting it out of my yard!!!

Subject: Getting it out of my yard!!!
Author: Irene
Date: 2/8/2006 8:03 am
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We have had a mild winter in Virginia. I took advantage of a 60 degree weekend to get some yard work done. Yep, all those vines taking over the rear nature strip of the house I bought last summer are poison ivy (prior owners did not do much maintenance). No other homes in subdivision near me seem to have it. I have a mild rash in just a few places as I covered up well and washed self/clothes.

Question - how do I get rid of all the loose waste I tore out and all the little vines still coming out of the ground? I thought I might go out and spray with Round-Up as I cut most of the large vines and might be able to spray to prevent regrowth. Since it has been so mild - it is the first thing with green in the yard and goes wayyyyyyyyyy up the trees.

Any help would be appreciated. Do folks who do yard work for a living mess with this? If they do, I'll bet they charge a lot. Could I get the vaccine before doing the work myself? Has anyone had the vaccine and is it effective?

Getting it out of my yard!!! (Approved)Irene2/8/2006 8:03 am
  Re: Getting it out of my yard! (Approved)Robin4/11/2006 12:40 pm