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Re: Cleaning PI oil out of home

Subject: Re: Cleaning PI oil out of home
Author: Cindy
Date: 1/4/2006 8:12 pm
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Oh Tonya my heart goes out to you in reference to your daughter's poison ivy. Our 4 year old daughter also came within contact of poison ivy last week. No comparison to what you describe but the worst I've seen never-the-less. Everything I've read makes me fearful of what oils might remain in my daugher's room also. I'm thinking that warm soapy water might be helpful....as I've read this in my search recently. I've also put the washable toys in the bath spraying HOT water and spreading antibacterial soap on it all. I hope, like you, that several warm soapy washings of bed clothes will remove the oils. I know your heart aches to see her like this.... Cindy in Atlanta, http://www.blakedivido.com

Cleaning PI oil out of home (Approved)Tonya12/7/2005 2:00 pm
  Re: Cleaning PI oil out of hom (Approved)Cindy1/4/2006 8:12 pm