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PI in Argentina

Subject: PI in Argentina
Author: Al
Date: 12/29/2005 9:31 pm
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i am currently in argentina (i am a u.s. resident) and am suffering from PI. It is difficult because i am only semi fluent in the language. i went to the pharcia (pharmacy) here after reading this site and was only able to obtain something called Corteroid (.6 mg in pill form) and caladryl (topical lotion for the itching). I started showing signs of the PI about 5 days ago, and the last 24hrs the symptons have gotten worse; more blisters thoughout my body, extreme swelling in my ankles and sore throat. How do I know if i should seek medical help here (or wait 3 more days to get back to u.s.)? Is this corteroid the right product? how do i explain poison ivy in spanish? How long does it take someone with my symptons to cure?

i really appreciate any assistance and if possible, email response to me at alkaraptian @ yaoo.com

PI in Argentina (Approved)Al12/29/2005 9:31 pm
  Re: PI in Argentina (Approved)Normie2/3/2006 2:23 pm