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Cleaning PI oil out of home

Subject: Cleaning PI oil out of home
Author: Tonya
Date: 12/7/2005 2:00 pm
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My daughter has a sever case of Poison Ivy. We had a vine growing in our yard being niave to this...she was making "princess crowns" from these and had them draped all over herself. So sleeping in the oils all night and into the next day before we figured out what it was she is plastered with it. Her head took the worst blow...she has swollen up 3 times her normal face. My question is how can I be sure to have all the oils from our home, especially her bedroom so she doesn't keep getting re-exposed. I have washed and rewashed her sheets, comforter etc. We threw out her pillow...what about her mattress? Do I need to worry about all the other millions of places she may have touched with her hands that could have spread the oil? Will it eventually go away. I have tried to wipe everything down but any advice will be helpful. We are in Day 5 now and her swelling is still terrible. She has been to the Dr. and is taking the proper medication.

Cleaning PI oil out of home (Approved)Tonya12/7/2005 2:00 pm
  Re: Cleaning PI oil out of hom (Approved)Cindy1/4/2006 8:12 pm