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Is the bathtub spreading PI all over me?

Subject: Is the bathtub spreading PI all over me?
Author: Pam
Date: 12/4/2005 4:40 pm
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After working out in the yard all day I went in and took a bath. Two days later I have blisters on my wrist and have had more blisters to show daily. This started last saturday and I am still having new blisters to come up. Can the oil still be in the bath tub? I only just thought of this and of course washed my tub even better than usual. What else should I do to ensure this stops any new blisters?

Is the bathtub spreading PI al (Approved)Pam12/4/2005 4:40 pm
  Re: Is the bathtub spreading P (Approved)Ivyman4/12/2006 0:07 am