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Eye swelling

Subject: Eye swelling
Author: Kathy
Date: 11/18/2005 1:38 pm
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I now live in Potrero, CA where poison oak is abundant and found out several years ago just how disasterous this plant was! I also learned that dry climates, like ours, keeps the poison in the plant. Knowing all this, I still pulled some so-called "dead" poison oak off a tree. I had gloves on so I wasn't worried. Yeah! I continued pulling brush, etc. with the same gloves and proceeded to wipe my hair from my face and forehead. A day later, I found my forehead to start itching and other parts of my body having signs of a rash so right away I started using Tecnu along with their CalaGel for itching. This does work very well. However, my right eye continues to swell. First it was just the top swelling and then under my eye started to swell. I don't have medical insurance. Any suggestions? Can I live with this swelling or will my whole face soon become one big balloon?? I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

Eye swelling (Approved)Kathy11/18/2005 1:38 pm
  Re: Eye swelling (Approved)Brian11/25/2005 1:48 pm