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poison ivy

Subject: poison ivy
Author: Lori
Date: 11/10/2005 8:03 am
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Hi everyone! Thanks for all of the tips found here! I have one question. I've had poison ivy for 4 weeks now. After 2 Solu-Medrol injections and 1 short and 1 long taper dose of prednisone, the rash is basically gone. However, I still have the annoying itch in several spots, which keeps me from sleeping at night. Is that normal for the itch to last longer than the rash?
I'll throw in my hint while I'm here - as the rash is healing and drying up, try cocoa butter lotion topped off with baby powder that includes aloe. You'll look like a big marshmallow, but it actually does sooth the skin!
Thanks so much!

poison ivy (Approved)Lori11/10/2005 8:03 am
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