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reoccuring ivy

Subject: reoccuring ivy
Author: brian
Date: 11/3/2005 8:53 pm
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ok I've browsed the archives and I havnt quite seen my problem posted by anyone else.

I got a good case of ivy about 1.5 months ago. took about 5 weeks to COMPLETELY heal. after a week of full clarity, I wake up yesterday and my chest is fully bloomed in poison ivy again. I live in Pittsburgh and pretty much never come across any ivy, or plant life at all for that matter....

So what could cause this? I have read from previous posts that once clothing is laundered normally it is "disarmed", and the clothes I had on have been through the wash a few times.

is this something that just happens with PI sometimes, or should I have some concern? BTW, I read of simaler problems in prev. posts, but all of those who had this problem had been using some sort of meds, and were still in earlier stages of PI poisoning. I let the PI pass naturally, no drugs.

reoccuring ivy (Approved)brian11/3/2005 8:53 pm
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