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Re: Environmental test to find PI inside?

Subject: Re: Environmental test to find PI inside?
Author: Debbie
Date: 10/28/2005 0:00 am
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Were you treated with prednisone at any time during your outbreak? If so, this is most likely your culprit. Read the earlier threads I wrote about prednisone as I went into great detail about the side effects. If you did not take the steroid in any form, then I would guess it is a physical contact rash, but what are the chances of you recontaminating yourself in the exact same area over and over? I would say the odds of that are very rare, unless it is a case of contamination from your pet's fur (if you have one). If you had urushiol in your house, you would most likely get spots on other areas of your body also, not just the same area from the intial outbreak. Instead your symptoms sound like steroid side effects, but again, it is hard to say as I do not know all the details. As far as I know there is no detection device to find urushiol oil but you should make sure you washed your clothes that you wore that day thoroughly in soapy hot water.

Environmental test to find PI (Approved)Sheff10/26/2005 10:42 am
  Re: Environmental test to find (Approved)Debbie10/28/2005 0:00 am