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Re: What herbicide will kill Staghorn Sumac

Subject: Re: What herbicide will kill Staghorn Sumac
Author: Normie
Date: 10/20/2005 2:47 pm
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Roundup®, Rodeo®, Accord® Arsenal®, Chopper®, Contain®
Target Plants: Imazapyr is used to control annual and perennial grass and broadleaved weeds, brush, vines, and many deciduous trees.

Mode of action: Imazapyr is absorbed by the leaves and roots, and moves rapidly through the plant. It accumulates in the meristem region (active growth region) of the plant. In plants, imazapyr disrupts protein synthesis, and interferes with cell growth and DNA synthesis. Sensitive plants die slowly.

Method of application: aerial methods, low-volume hand-held spray equipment, high-volume spray equipment, boom equipment, basal treatment, cut stump treatment, tree injection, and frill treatment Target Plants: Glyphosate is used to control grasses, herbaceous plants including deep rooted perennial weeds, brush, some broadleaf trees and shrubs, and some conifers. Glyphosate does not control all broadleaf woody plants. Timing is critical for effectiveness on some broadleaf woody plants and conifers.

Mode of action: Glyphosate applied to foliage is absorbed by leaves and rapidly moves through the plant. It acts by preventing the plant from producing an essential amino acid. This reduces the production of protein in the plant, and inhibits plant growth. Glyphosate is metabolized or broken down by some plants, while other plants do not break it down. Aminomethylphosphonic acid is the main break-down product of glyphosate in plants.

Method of application: aerial spraying; spraying from a truck, backpack or hand-held sprayer; wipe application; frill treatment; cut stump treatment

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