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Help, the rash keeps spreading!

Subject: Help, the rash keeps spreading!
Author: Karyn
Date: 10/6/2005 0:27 am
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About a week ago, I started developing PI rashes from weeding about 10 days prior. This is the first time I've had PI. It took a few days to realize what was happening and I just washed with Tecnu last night. I then used CalaGel, but that doesn't help the itching for too long. And the rash keeps spreading on my arms and legs. How can I stop it? Am I spreading it by scratching an affected area and then touching other non-infected areas? Also, is a warm washing in the washing machine enough to get the toxin off of clothes? Thanks in advance!

Help, the rash keeps spreading (Approved)Karyn10/6/2005 0:27 am
  Re: Help, the rash keeps sprea (Approved)kathy11/23/2005 3:37 pm